3 minutes video - Digitslaw

Ready to digitize your law firm's operations?

Meet Digitslaw, the all-in-one tool to digitize your law practice. Digitslaw is available on both web and mobile platforms, giving you the flexibility to manage your firm anytime, anywhere

Manage your matters, clients, documents, billing, and accounting – all in one place.

  • Matter Management: Organize all your cases in one centralized place. 
  • Conflict Check: Perform comprehensive conflict checks to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Client Portal: Provide clients with secure access to their case files, invoices, and updates.
  • Time Tracking: Accurately track your time spent on different tasks and cases.
  • Billing with Multicurrency: Create and send professional invoices in different currencies.
  • Expense Tracking: Effortlessly track and manage your client and firm’s expenses.
  • Accounting and Business Reporting: Make data-driven decisions by accessing 15+ reports on your firm’s performance. 
  • Trust Accounting: Maintain accurate and compliant trust accounts, ensuring your clients’ funds are handled with utmost care 

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