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Law Practice Management Software

Streamline your business law practice with DigitsLaw’s powerful software. Simplify case management, enhance collaboration, and optimize your firm’s financials. Discover the ultimate solution for business law practices today

Benefits to Business Law Practices

Organize Your Client Information and Drive Collaboration

DigitsLaw empowers legal departments to efficiently manage matters and intake internal cases. From tracking case details to assigning tasks and deadlines, our software provides a centralized platform for comprehensive matter management. Stay organized, collaborate effectively, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Track Your Cases, Progress, and Productivity

Easily track the status, progress, and key deadlines of your business law cases. Stay on top of important tasks, appointments, and court dates. Boost productivity by efficiently managing your caseload and billable hours.

Track Every Billable Minute

Accurately record billable hours from anywhere, at any time. Capture every minute spent on client matters, ensuring accurate billing and maximizing revenue for your business law practice

Accept Payments Online

In Different Currencies: Streamline your payment processes by accepting online payments directly through DigitsLaw. Offer clients the convenience of secure online payments, and easily manage transactions in multiple currencies. Simplify your billing and enhance client satisfaction.

Track Your Practice Area Performance

Analyze data related to case types, client matters, and practice area profitability. Monitor revenue contribution at individual levels (partner, director, lawyers etc). Make informed decisions to optimize your business law practice and drive success.

Automate Your Accounting and Reporting

Generate professional invoices, track expenses, manage trust accounts, and access real-time financial reports. Auto generate your financial statements and 20+ business reports

How to Use DigitsLaw in 4 Steps:

Unlock the power of DigitsLaw's business law practice software.

Solve the challenges of managing cases, tracking billable time, accepting payments, and staying on top of your practice area’s performance. Experience the efficiency and growth DigitsLaw brings to your business law practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our Pricing page to explore our flexible plans and find the one that suits your business law practice’s needs.

Yes, we offer a free trial period for you to experience the power of DigitsLaw first-hand.

We provide a range of plans to accommodate different business law practice requirements. Explore our options to find the one that fits your needs.

Absolutely! We provide comprehensive training resources and dedicated support to ensure you make the most of DigitsLaw’s features and capabilities.

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