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Legal Spend Management Software

Simplify your practice spending with Digitslaw’s legal software solution. Track and manage expenses, streamline approvals, sync reimbursable expenses to billing, and get insightful reports. Discover how Digitslaw helps law firms optimize their spending process and reduce legal spend.

Control Expenses with our Legal Spend Management Software

Track Full Spend Management Lifecycle

Manage Expense Approval Workflow

Automate Accounting and Business Reports

Track Unpaid Expenses and Accounts Payable

Control Costs with Expense Budget Tracking

Sync Reimbursable Expense to Billing
  • Seamlessly synchronize reimbursable expenses with client billing.
  • Avoid manual data entry, reduce errors, and streamline the invoicing process.
Manage Client and Firm Expense Spending
  • Track and categorize client-related and firm expenses in a centralized system.
  • Gain better control and visibility over spending patterns and make informed decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Legal spend management is the practice of monitoring, controlling, and maximizing costs within a law firm or legal department. It is an important way to ensure that financial resources are used efficiently. Managing expenses involves the entire lifecycle, from request to payment. Compliance with firm policies and transparency of finances must be maintained.

Trust accounting software is specifically designed to handle the unique requirements of managing and tracking funds held in trust by law firms. It ensures compliance with legal and ethical obligations related to handling client funds. Learn more on DigitsLaw’s trust accounting software for lawyers.

Managing legal spend effectively involves implementing processes and tools that facilitate expense tracking, approval, and reporting. With Digitslaw, you can centralize your spend management activities, automate workflows, track budgets, and generate insightful reports. By streamlining these processes, you can optimize your spending, enhance cost control, and improve overall financial management.

Absolutely! Digitslaw allows you to tailor the software to your firm’s specific requirements. Our flexible platform accommodates different practice areas, firm sizes, and workflows. We collaborate with our clients. This way, Digitslaw aligns with their needs. It also improves their legal spend management skills.

Yes, Digitslaw is ideal for in-house legal departments as well. Our software provides the necessary tools to streamline spend management. It enforces policies, tracks expenses, and generates accurate reports

Digitslaw helps streamline law practice management and accounting on Web and Mobile apps. Some include:
Client Management: Manage the entire client lifecycle, from intake to billing, in one centralized platform.
Matter Management: Organize and track all matter information, documents, and tasks for efficient case management.
Conflict Check: Conduct conflict checks to identify potential conflicts of interest and save results for due diligence.
Time Tracking: Track billable hours and improve productivity with an integrated time-tracking system.
Billing: Streamline invoicing processes, generate accurate legal invoices, and manage payments and receivables.
Trust Accounting: Ensure compliance with trust accounting rules, and track client trust funds separately. Automate accounting and reporting – no need for separate accounting platforms.
Document Management: Digitize and securely store client documents, allowing easy access and collaboration with team members and clients.
Business Reporting: Gain insights into practice performance and productivity through real-time reporting and analytics.

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