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Secure Your Data with DigitsLaw: Protecting Your Firm and Clients

Designed to give you a holistic view of all legal cases and provide access to every detail – documents, notes, court updates, invoice receipts, calendar appointments – for each case in your repertoire.

Data Security Measures You Can Trust

At DigitsLaw, we prioritize the security and confidentiality of your data. We have implemented a robust set of security measures to safeguard your information and provide you with peace of mind. 

256-bit Military-Grade Encryption

Your data is encrypted using advanced 256-bit encryption, which ensures that your information remains secure during transit and storage. Rest assured, your sensitive data is safe with us.

Application Behind Firewalls

Our application is hosted in a secure environment, protected by industry-leading firewalls. These firewalls act as a protective shield, preventing unauthorized access and keeping your data secure.

Secure Development Practices (OWASP)

We follow secure coding practices recommended by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Our development team adheres to industry standards to ensure that our software is robust and secure from the ground up.

Vulnerability Scanning

We conduct regular vulnerability scans and assessments to identify any potential security weaknesses in our system. By proactively addressing vulnerabilities, we maintain a strong security posture and minimize the risk of data breaches.

Annual Penetration Testing

To validate the effectiveness of our security measures, we conduct annual penetration testing. This involves simulated attacks by ethical hackers to identify any vulnerabilities that may exist. By identifying and addressing these vulnerabilities promptly, we ensure that your data remains safe and secure.

Automatic Backups and Redundant Servers

We take data redundancy seriously. Our system automatically performs regular backups and stores them in redundant servers hosted on the highly reliable Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. This ensures that your data is protected even in the event of hardware failures or other unforeseen circumstances.

Product Features to Support Your Security Controls

In addition to our strong security measures, DigitsLaw offers a range of features designed to support your firm’s security controls:

Create Role-Based Permissions

With DigitsLaw, you have granular control over user access. Assign specific access levels based on your firm’s employee roles, and easily configure permissions by feature. You can define who can create, view, edit, or delete information, ensuring that your data is accessed only by authorized individuals.

Session/Activity Tracking

Changes made to documents, client data, case information, and more are meticulously logged with a time and date stamp, along with the user who made the change. This enables you to monitor and review user activity, helping you detect and respond to any suspicious or unauthorized actions.

Your data security is our top priority

At DigitsLaw, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of data security. Rest assured that your firm’s and client’s data is protected by our robust security measures and supported by our feature set designed to enhance your control and oversight.

Learn more about our security measures by contacting our support team at hello@digitslaw.com

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