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10 Best Apps for Lawyers To Improve Productivity

10 Best Apps for Lawyers To Improve Productivity

Alaba Osho

The legal profession is a demanding field that requires attention to detail, effective time management, and seamless organization. Whether you’re a seasoned attorney or a fresh law school graduate, the key to thriving in the legal profession lies in optimizing your productivity. Fortunately, today, we have tons of digital tools and applications that can revolutionize the way we practice law. To help you get started, we have identified top 10 apps for lawyers that can empower your productivity.


As a lawyer, you are often on the go, attending meetings, visiting courtrooms, and meeting with clients. This means you need a cloud-based legal practice management solution that allows you to work from anywhere. DigitsLaw features almost everything you can have in full-fledged management service including billing, time tracking, invoicing, conflict check, document management, trust accounting, client portal, matter management and more.  

DigitsLaw empowers you to efficiently manage your entire legal practice from a single platform. You can track your billable hours, collaborate with clients via the client portal, add new matters, store documents and much more. Additionally, DigitLaw integrates seamlessly with other apps mentioned in this list of tools mentioned in this blog post. 

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Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage apps for lawyers. It offers direct integration with Google Docs Sheets. Powerpoint and more, which allows you to edit all your documents directly from your browser without needing any other programs. It is also a very secure platform provided by Google. So, you can be rest assured that any document you store will not get compromised.


Box is a versatile cloud-based platform tailor-made for lawyers and legal professionals. It offers secure document storage with encryption and access controls, facilitates seamless collaboration and version control, and integrates with essential legal apps. Box’s mobile accessibility and scanning capabilities enable on-the-go access and efficient digitization of physical documents. It places a strong emphasis on security, compliance, and workflow automation, making it a comprehensive solution for securely managing, sharing, and collaborating on legal documents and information.


Dropbox is a reliable cloud storage service that is very useful for lawyers. It provides secure document storage with encryption to protect client confidentiality. It also syncs files across devices so you can access them from anywhere. Dropbox keeps version histories of your files so you can track changes and recover deleted files. Lawyers can collaborate on documents with others and control who has access to them. Dropbox also offers advanced security measures like two-factor authentication. It integrates with other legal apps and is mobile-friendly, making it a great choice for storing, sharing, and managing legal documents.


Dictate+Connect is an innovative app designed to streamline the transcription process for lawyers on the move. With this app, lawyers can easily convert spoken words into text, making it a valuable tool for recording and transcribing important notes, legal documents, and client meetings. Dictate+Connect offers speech recognition capabilities, allowing you to dictate your thoughts and ideas effortlessly. It supports a variety of file formats and seamlessly integrates with other productivity tools, making it easy to manage and share transcribed content. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, Dictate+Connect simplifies the task of turning spoken words into written documents, enhancing efficiency and productivity for legal professionals. It’s easier to use than most high-end dictaphones and more intuitive.

PDF Expert

Top 10 Apps for Lawyers

PDF Expert is a highly versatile PDF management app that is valuable for legal professionals. With this app, you can view, edit, annotate, and sign PDF documents with ease, making it ideal for working with legal contracts, court filings, and other legal paperwork. PDF Expert’s robust annotation tools allow you to highlight text, add comments, and draw directly on PDFs, helping you review and collaborate on documents efficiently. It supports document merging, splitting, and conversion to various formats, streamlining document handling. Moreover, PDF Expert integrates seamlessly with cloud storage services and supports secure document encryption, ensuring the confidentiality and accessibility of your legal files. Whether you need to review case documents, mark up contracts, or fill out forms, PDF Expert is a comprehensive PDF solution that enhances your productivity in the legal field.


GoodReader is also a PDF reader and document management app designed to meet the needs of legal professionals. It enables lawyers to view, annotate, and organize PDFs with ease, making it perfect for reviewing legal documents, case files, and court records. GoodReader offers advanced annotation tools, such as text highlighting, comments, and drawing, facilitating effective document analysis and collaboration. This app also supports file synchronization with popular cloud storage services, ensuring seamless access to your files from anywhere. Additionally, GoodReader can handle a wide range of document formats, making it a versatile tool for legal research and document management. Whether you need to prepare for a trial, mark up contracts, or keep your legal documents organized, GoodReader is a trusted ally in the legal world, enhancing productivity and efficiency for lawyers.


Top 10 Apps for Lawyers

Slack is a widely adopted team communication and collaboration platform that offers lawyers and legal teams a streamlined way to communicate and manage projects. It facilitates real-time messaging, file sharing, and integrated tools, enhancing communication and collaboration among legal professionals, clients, and team members. Slack’s organized channels, searchable message history, and integrations with various productivity apps make it an ideal solution for coordinating case updates, sharing legal documents securely, and conducting virtual meetings. With its mobile app and desktop compatibility, Slack ensures lawyers stay connected and productive, whether they’re in the office or working remotely, making it a valuable asset for the legal profession.


Zapier is an essential automation tool that lawyers and legal professionals can utilize to streamline repetitive tasks and integrate various apps and services. This platform connects different software applications and enables them to work together seamlessly through automated workflows called “Zaps.” Lawyers can create custom Zaps to automate routine processes, such as syncing client data, sending email notifications, or updating calendars, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of errors. Zapier supports hundreds of popular apps, including legal practice management software, calendar tools, and email platforms, making it a versatile tool for enhancing productivity and efficiency in the legal profession. Whether it’s managing client information, staying organized, or automating communication, Zapier empowers legal professionals to optimize their workflow and focus on delivering high-quality legal services to clients.


Top 10 Apps for Lawyers

Skype is a video and voice calling platform that offers a reliable means of connecting with clients, colleagues, and witnesses across the globe. This user-friendly application enables high-quality video conferencing, voice calls, and instant messaging, making it ideal for remote client consultations, virtual depositions, and collaborative meetings. Skype’s screen sharing and file-sharing capabilities enhance communication and document sharing during legal discussions and presentations. With its mobile app and desktop versions, Skype ensures lawyers can engage in real-time discussions and maintain professional connections with ease, making it a valuable tool for the legal industry’s evolving landscape.


These 10 apps for lawyer, you integrate into your practice can significantly impact your daily efficiency. Consider exploring the options mentioned above (many offer free trials or are entirely free) and choose the ones that align best with your legal practice. 10 apps for lawyers

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