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How To Create Your Law Firm Letterhead for Free

Learn how to create your law firm letterhead for free with online tools. Take advantage of free template libraries and professional letterhead examples.

How To Create Your Law Firm Letterhead for Free

Learn how to create your law firm letterhead for free with online tools. Take advantage of free template libraries and professional letterhead examples.

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In the legal industry, first impressions matter. Your law firm letterhead is often the first impression you make on potential clients and serves as a tangible representation of your firm’s professionalism and competence. A well-designed letterhead conveys trust, reliability, and attention to detail, building confidence in your ability to handle complex legal matters.

Gone are the days of relying on expensive graphic designers or pre-made templates. Today, several user-friendly online platforms offer the freedom to create stunning and professional letterheads at no cost. This allows you to tailor the design to your firm’s unique brand identity and values, while saving valuable resources. In this blog post, we will delve into the essential steps of creating a professional law firm letterhead. What’s even more exciting? You can create your letterhead for free.

The Importance of Professional Law Firm Letterhead

A law firm letterhead is more than just a piece of stationery; it is a visual representation of your firm’s identity and professionalism. When clients receive correspondence from your law firm, the letterhead is often the first element they encounter. A well-designed and professional letterhead communicates trust, reliability, and attention to detail.

The letterhead conveys essential information, such as the law firm’s name, logo, contact details, and address. This not only serves a functional purpose but also contributes to the overall branding and recognition of your firm. In legal proceedings, where documentation and communication are constant, having a consistent and professional letterhead becomes a must.

Understanding the Elements of a Law Firm Letterhead

A professional law firm letterhead comprises several key elements that collectively contribute to its effectiveness and impact. Let’s break down these elements and understand their significance in creating a well-rounded letterhead.

Name and Logo: 

  • Prominent Placement: Display your firm’s name prominently to ensure immediate recognition. A well-designed logo, if you have one, can further strengthen your brand identity and add a touch of visual appeal.
  • Clarity and Readability: Use clear, easy-to-read fonts in a consistent size and color palette. Aim for a professional typeface, avoiding ornate scripts that might be difficult to decipher.

Contact Information: Make sure your contact information is readily available and organized for easy reference. This should include at least:

  • Address: List your full address for traditional mail purposes.
  • Phone Number: Include your main office phone number, with the option to list additional lines or extensions if relevant.
  • Email Address: Provide your main contact email address, preferably one with your firm’s domain name.
  • Website URL: Include your website URL to direct clients to further information and resources.

Additional Information:

  • Tagline or Mission Statement: Consider including a concise tagline or mission statement that encapsulates your firm’s values and expertise.
  • Attorney Names and Specialties: For smaller firms, listing individual attorneys and their respective practice areas can add a personal touch and showcase your diverse skill set.
  • Social Media Links: If your firm is active on social media, consider including discreet icons or links to your relevant platforms.

Remember to maintain consistency in design elements across all your communication materials, from letterheads to business cards and website aesthetics.

Free Tools To Use When Creating Law Firm Letterhead

When it comes to creating a law firm letterhead for free, several user-friendly tools can simplify the design process. Here, we’ll explore three popular options: Canva, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Spark. Let’s delve into step-by-step guides for using each of these tools.


Law Firm Letterhead

Image Source: Canva

This is a versatile online design tool that offers a range of templates, making it an excellent choice for creating law firm letterheads. Follow these steps:

  • Sign Up or Log In: Visit Canva’s website and either sign up for a new account or log in if you already have one.
  • Choose a Design Type: Once logged in, click on “Create a design” and select “Custom dimensions.” Input the dimensions for your letterhead (standard letter size is 8.5 x 11 inches).
  • Explore Templates: There are already premade templates available on canva that you can use. Click on the “Templates” tab on the left sidebar. Search for “law firm” or related keywords to find templates suitable for your letterhead.
  • Customize the Template: Select a template and start customizing. Add your law firm’s name, logo, contact information, and any other details. Modify colors, fonts, and layout to suit your branding.
  • Download and Print: Once satisfied with your design, click on the download button. Save your letterhead as a high-resolution image or PDF for printing or as a png file. 

Microsoft Word

Law Firm Letterhead

This is a widely-used word processing software, also offers robust design capabilities for creating professional letterheads. Follow these steps:

  • Open a New Document: Open Microsoft Word and start a new blank document.
  • Set Document Size: Go to the “Layout” or “Page Layout” tab and set the document size to your desired letterhead dimensions.
  • Insert a Table: Create a table to structure your letterhead. Use one cell for each element (firm name, address, etc.).
  • Add Text and Images: Within each cell, input the relevant text and insert images like your law firm logo. Adjust font styles, sizes, and colors for a polished look.
  • Format and Design: Use Word’s formatting options to refine the appearance of your letterhead. Experiment with borders, shading, and alignment to achieve a professional layout.
  • Save and Print: Save your document and print it on high-quality paper for a professional finish.

Adobe Spark

Law Firm Letterhead

This is an intuitive online design tool that simplifies the creation of visually appealing graphics, including letterheads. Follow these steps:

  • Access Adobe Spark: Visit Adobe Spark’s website and sign in or create a new account.
  • Choose Design Type: Select “Create a design” and choose the “Custom size” option. Input your letterhead dimensions.
  • Select a Template: Explore the available templates or start with a blank canvas. Adobe Spark offers a variety of designs suitable for law firm letterheads.
  • Add Elements: Customize your letterhead by adding text, your law firm’s logo, and any other necessary details. Adjust the layout and colors to match your branding.
  • Preview and Download: Preview your design to ensure it meets your expectations. Once satisfied, download your letterhead in a suitable format for printing.

By leveraging these tools, you can easily design a law firm letterhead that reflects your brand’s professionalism and uniqueness. Remember to save your design, download it in the preferred format (image or PDF), and proceed to print on high-quality paper for professional results.

Tips for a Professional Law Firm Letterhead

Keep it Simple and Elegant: Embrace clean lines, ample white space, and organized information. Avoid cluttering the design with excessive elements or distracting visuals. Choose fonts, colors, and imagery that project an aura of authority and trust, aligning with your firm’s overall brand image.

Ensure Readability: Use appropriate font sizes for different elements (headings, body text, contact information) and maintain adequate spacing for clean lines and easy navigation.

Maintain Consistency with Branding: Choose a color palette that aligns with your existing branding across all platforms. This creates a cohesive brand identity and strengthens recognition. Use the same or similar fonts across your letterhead, website, business cards, and other communication materials. This ensures a recognizable brand voice and enhances professionalism.

By following these tips and choosing the right tools and approach, you can create a free law firm letterhead that reflects your law firm in a great light. Remember, your letterhead is an extension of your brand identity – make it a silent statement that speaks volumes about your firm’s values and expertise.


After following the steps, you should now have a letterhead that represents your law firm. To note, there are other tools to create letterheads aside from the ones provided in this blog. These three are just some of the popular and easy-to-use solutions. In conclusion, the creation of a law firm letterhead is a tangible representation of your commitment to professionalism and excellence.

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